Resumes: Tips, Help, And Free Samples

Resumes…you gotta love them, even if you hate them!

Write a good resume, and you’ll get to the next level, maybe even get the job. Write a bad resume, and you’ll end up in the discard pile.

Whether you’re going for a new position in the same company, changing careers, entering or reentering the workforce, or trying to end a spell of unemployment, we’ve got resume tips that are sure to work.

We’re not trying to turn you into a resume expert…we’re more interested in providing resume help that’s no nonsense, easy to understand, and simple to implement.

The ultimate goal of a resume isn’t to land you a job, it’s to land you an interview. If you keep that in mind as you write your resume, cover letter, and references, it will relieve some of the pressure.

On this website, we cover the main resume topics, including:
how to write a resume
types of resumes (narration, functional, chronological, and online resumes)
resume samples
cover letters for resumes
references for resumes
job interview tips
free resume builders

What’s the best way to get started with a resume? Just dive in! Start compiling your information, start polishing it, start formatting it, and the next thing you know, you’ll have a professional resume!

Best of luck with your resume writing and job hunting!

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Resume Tips ~ 2015

•For every job that you really want to land, customize your resume to match the job description, applicant qualifications, and skills and proficiencies requirements.

•Don’t include a photo with your resume. No one does that anymore.

•Keep your resume clean and simple. No fancy design, graphics, or strange formatting. Most employers will be scanning hundreds of resumes to find the perfect candidate, and they’re used to finding certain information in certain spots.

•You don’t have to list every single job on your resume, particularly if some of them were short-lived and/or occurred more than 10-20 years in the past. It’s better to go into more detail with more recent jobs than to include an exhaustive list of jobs, positions, and titles.

•If you think that your writing skills will prevent you from creating a top resume that presents you in the best light, hire a professional resume writer.

•If you have a LinkedIn profile, include that in your contact information. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is robust and current (including a current photo).

•Include a cover letter with your resume, and customize it.